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 What is CHEDS ?  

 It is difficult to make good decisions without good data on which to base them; it is difficult to improve without evidence of performance; it is difficult to plan without information on the possible effects of the plans. Data and information are vital in higher education, both in the UAE and worldwide, and the UAE has several data collection systems covering aspects of higher education, both at federal and at emirate level.

 A new comprehensive national data collection is being implemented through the setting up of a Center for HE Data and Statistics (CHEDS) within the Ministry of HE and Scientific Research (MOHESR). A Project Team has been assembled and defined indicators and corresponding data elements, designed a data collection and reporting system and trained institutions in data submission. The indicators draw on those used by the Data Warehouse for the Federal institutions and by CAA for the licensed private institutions as well as others.

 CHEDS has a Reference Group of people from a range of organisations to advise the Project Team on aspects of the work and needs of stakeholders, and to spread information on the benefits of the Center.

Following the first data collection and report by August 2012, the Center will continue to carry out annual data collection and reporting.In addition to providing data for planning and improvement, the Center should be able to respond to the large number of ad hoc requests for HE data received by the Ministry and by institutions.
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