Center for Higher Education Data and Statistics

Peer Group Reporting




The Center for Higher Education Data and Statistics (CHEDS) has instituted a peer group reporting process for the purpose of supporting benchmarking as a higher education institutional quality improvement tool in the United Arab Emirates. The objective is to provide reliable benchmarking data to participating institutions while preserving their competitive privacy.


Institutions that participate in the Center for Higher Education Data and Statistics (CHEDS) data submission process are eligible to request aggregate values of a small number of selected indicators for one selected peer group once per year.  

Use of the Report:

Reports provided in response to such requests are for internal management use and not intended for public consumption.   Comparisons between the institution and the peer group must not be made in the press or used in recruiting publications.  Acceptable uses include internal quality assessment, program, and institutional accreditation studies and reports.  Comparisons are not to be made public either electronically or in printed form.  In cases where accreditation documents are published the peer institutions used for comparison must not be named.

Request Process:

1. The request should specify the institutions and the indicators for which the aggregate value is requested. In due course, CHEDS expects to be able to supply reports which include the values for all the indicators, but for the present the requests should be for a relatively small and focused set of indicators.

2. The peer group must be selected from the CHEDS list of participating institutions found on the CHEDS website.  A peer group must contain at least five and no more than ten institutions.  The institution requesting the report cannot be in the peer group.

3. The request is submitted by the institution’s designated CHEDS contact person by email to the website. CHEDS will attempt to respond within two weeks.

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